Beauty Bar Presents MUA 2014


 Beauty Bar Presents MUA 2014

As you enter the House of Beauty by Chantal Marie each guest was welcomed with signature drinks. The event started by Chantal who is also known as the Beast with a Brush that’s just putting it likely. Chantal introduce the audience with various techniques that make you want to say “I woke Flawless……..” Here are a few amazing makeup artist secrets:

  1. Instead of using a blush. Use a small drop of lip gloss (a color of your choice) on your cheeks

(Note: it will give your cheeks a fresh nature look)

  1. Do you ever hate when your makeup sweats off your face. Here is a better and upgraded makeup product
  • Model In A bottle (Make up Setting)

The bonus to using this product is it works for individuals’ with Sensitive Skin, with dry, or with rosecea and allergies. To top it off it does not interfere with any product with SPF

  • MAC  Fix Plus

Remember to continue to keep an everlasting Beat to the Gods Face all season around such as what Chantal Marie did for this model (see below photo):


For more on this look visit Chantal Marie on

Instagram: @thechantalmarie and for appointments e-mail her at:

For More Behind Photos Click on:

  • janet Trieschman
    January 3, 2016

    I really like the painting in the first photo

  • Diane
    January 19, 2016

    I’ve never tried lip gloss as blush, but I routinely use lipstick – does that work? 😀

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