Fashion Series: “Are You Fashionably Wasteful?”

We live in a society that propagates the idea that you MUST have the latest version of everything. There’s a new Apple product released on what seems like a monthly basis. Yet, most iPhone users are convinced that they need to have it. Going “green” and appreciating the environment with eco-friendly options has been trending for a few years. With that comes recycling and reusing rather than replacing and wasting. And, the fashion industry is no exception.

Photo Credit: Русский

Photo Credit: Русский

Fashion: Go Green

Why is an eco-friendly option necessary in the Fashion Industry? Couture in the Suburbs ( ) reports “Fashion has such a long and complex supply chain involving many different parties, from materials, textiles, retail fixtures, sewing and manufacturing, packaging, and ending in the garment being either thrown away or donated.” We’re so accustomed to instant accessibility (aka Fast Fashion) in the form of brick and mortar clothing chains (Forever 21, H&M, JCPenney, etc) that little thought goes into what goes on behind the scenes.

The Global Fashion Exchange  initiative, which first hit the streets (literally) in Copenhagen, is focused on educating consumers by hosting pop up shops as an opportunity for communities to swap their gently used clothing items.  At its launch in 2013, over five tons of clothing was exchanged among a crowd of 1500.

What does that tell you?

As the old adage goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Now on an international level, Global Fashion Exchange is a featured part of both Los Angeles and New York Fashion Week.

But, what can you do locally?

Share Your Closet

For starters, make use of your local donation centers. In most communities there are convenient clothes and shoes donation drop boxes. Designate a couple of times in the year to drop off outgrown or unwanted items to your neighborhood thrift or consignment store.

Or, for fun, try hosting your very own Fashion Swap Party!

If you’ve never heard of it or hosted one yourself, I’ve got you covered.

Host a Fashion Swap

Step 1. Send a “Save The Date” Evite (or via Facebook) two months ahead of time to all of your stylish friends and associates.

For example:

Hi Fashion lovers! I have decided that I need some new clothes, but I don’t want to spend any money, so I have decided to throw a FASHION SWAP PARTY! How many times have you admired a fellow Fashionistas wardrobe and wished you could shop in her closet, or even rummage through her trash for that leopard blouse, black stilettos, or statement necklace? Well here’s your chance.

On (insert date) from (time) onwards, you’ll have the opportunity to get a new wardrobe without spending a dime. Please bring as many clothes, shoes and accessories as you can. The more you bring the more you get. Please be sure that you wash and press all your items.

Please RSVP by (date)…And be ready to have FUN!
Note: Allow about 30 to 45 minutes to set up.

Step 2. Next, hit up your local party supplies store for a roll of raffle tickets.

Assign each clothing item a ticket price (tops are 2 tickets; dresses and skirts are 4 tickets, and so forth). Create a station for each pile.
Note: For less than $30 you can purchase a clothing rack from Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They’re great to have anyway for organizing off season clothing.

Photo Credit: Kimberly Stevens

Photo Credit: Kimberly Stevens

Step 3. When your guests arrive, assist them with putting each item they have in the “Boutique” that suits it best (tops, bottoms, dresses and so on). For each item they have, give them a corresponding ticket(s) and place the other half of the coupon in a basket.

Note: If you have a huge turn out, you may want to assign 1 ticket per item instead.

Step 4. Put some cool music on to keep a festive mood going.
Keep refreshments light and free of oils so clothes won’t get ruined.

Step 5. Get the basket of tickets and shake them all up. Reach in and pull out a ticket (you can ask random people to do this to make it more fun).

Step 6. The guest holding the ticket is the first to Swap in the “Boutique” using her Swap Bucks for one minute.

If she chooses an item that somebody else really wants then they must object.

If there is an objection then you can play a game to see who gets the item. Here are some suggestions:

● Rock, Paper, Scissors.

  • “Words with Ping Pong Friends” Whoever falters first loses. For example, you can start with types of plants, and players can’t take more than two seconds to answer. You cannot repeat words.
  • Spoons.
  • Timed charades.
  • Celebrity TriviaStep 7. When the first guest has chosen her item she sits down and the cycle repeats.Step 8. Once the bulk of clothing has been selected, open the Boutique for everyone to swap.If anyone is getting low on tickets, play more games to award additional tickets.

    Step 9. Donate any items remaining to a local shelter.

    Step 10. Keep It Fun and Enjoy Your New Wardrobe!

There are so many options for preserving our clothes. Which one will you put into action today? Stay tune for another segment of Fashion Series for Fashion News & Style Tips for the everyday Fashion Forward look.

Author: LaQuita is a Fashion Maven Blogger based in Arizona. To find out more, visit her blog at The Style Spoonie. Don’t forget to visit us again.

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