Self Care + Love x YOU = Longevity

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Self-care has become a popular term to use when Gwyneth Paltrow created Goop, but what does it mean when self-care becomes more work? Most people does not realize that self-acceptance and self-care begins and ends with ourselves and from others. We do not need “sustenance and happiness from others.” STANDS4 LLC, 2016. Web. 23 Aug. 2016.

As a women we tend to forget about ourselves because of our busy day-to-day life of launching our careers, going back to school, being a parent, a wife, or become a caregiver to a sick family member.  But one of things we don’t do for ourselves is Self-Care. We run our lives likes a carburetor. We fail to understand that a carburetor also runs on fuel just like our mind, body, soul, and spiritual. Cars breakdown, so does our Human Boyd.

Self-Care comes in various forms from a healthier lifestyle: eating the right food, working out, getting a good night rest, following up with our doctors and taking the right Vitamins for our body or just some down time for yourself (mind, body, and soul). Audre Lorde said it best —“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation and that is an act of political warfare.”

Self- Care is not about just taking one day for ourselves out of 365 days. In a 2008 article in Psychology Today, Dr. Dana Gionta wrote: “Balancing work, family, and personal life has always been challenging.” “It is even more challenging today.” For Example: (See Below)


Today is the day that you will unplug for All social media, including turning off your cell phone/computer/& tablet. You will take two (2) days off from work preferable Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday. You will take those two days for yourself and not for anyone else. On day one you would utilize your time by searching for a the spot to beautifying yourself with a Godness treatment:

This Goddess treatment will be getting your eyelashes done with the above discount link & if you decide while you’re there to do a facial treatment or even your hair done. I say enjoy and go big. If you’re new to getting eyelash extensions, I would suggest going natural (as a newbie) and select the small to medium size lashes. With each Salon specializes in semi-permanent eyelash extensions that add length, volume, and glamour to natural lashes. Here is an example:

Photo credit: Groupon

Photo credit: Groupon

Choose Between Two Options

  • $39 for natural look eyelash extensions, with up to 70 lashes per eye
  • $55 for dramatic look eyelash extensions, with up to 90 lashes per eye

But if you want to feel like you’re Jennifer Lopez (Jlo) and your heading to Oscars or even an Engagement Party or Wedding. I would suggest one of Jlo’s favorite. The Mink Eyelash Extension.

Photo credit: Groupon

Photo credit: Groupon

For day two, you will utilize your time to pull out that little black/red dress that has been hiding in back of your closet to either go on a hot date with your significant other or make it a girl day/night out. If you have no idea where to go. Check out for more.

Photo credit: LaQuita, The Style Spoonie

Photo credit: LaQuita, The Style Spoonie

The simply things in life we should appreciate. My dad once say to me as a young child “I love each and every one of my children, but I love me more.” At that time, I said why? Dad that is not a nice thing to say. He went on by explaining if you do not love yourself and care for yourself first. How can I be able to care for my family and you?” Overall if you don’t self-care for yourself first you will not be able to care for other. As an adult, I now understand. My question to you is What happens when YOU give up on self-care?

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own (#ad #sponsored #GrouponCoupons)

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  • грузоперевозки
    September 3, 2016

    The importance of self-care cannot be underestimated. In fact, increasing research suggests self-nourishing practices can prevent or reduce the duration of colds and the flu, improve recovery from cancer treatments, promote focus and attention, and much, much more.

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