The Chronic Addiction to Fashion Series: “Are you a Fashionista Wanna-Be?”

Are you a bargain shopper? Do you love perusing through the aisles of vintage stores? Let me not get started with Goodwill’s, flea markets, and yard sales? Another person’s trash can become you’re gold. If you are then you are a Closet Fashionista. Say it loud and be proud!

I live in Venice, Ca, the un-fashion capital of the country. I don’ know if that is true; however, what I do know is people on the West Coast seem to be far more laid back than any other city in which I’ve lived or traveled to. We are a flip flop, sun dress, pair of shorts, with some fly sunglasses, jeans and t-shirt type of town. Besides red carpet events, the occasional movie premiere; there seems to be a whole lot of reasons why NOT to get dressed up in this city.

So, what I’ve done to spark up my wardrobe and my social life, is to create reasons WHY I want to get dressed up and make a statement. My style happens to be more of an eclectic, funky, sporty, vintage meets a little throwback to the 80’s and 90’s chic look. I’m looking to use my style and choice of hairstyle as a conversation piece that ultimately leads back to my WHY. Why I chose to rock what I’m rocking and how I put it together.

Photo Credit: Fee King

Photo Credit: Fee King

When you’re on a budget and you want to stand out in the crowd, mix something from your past with either a DIY piece or a conversation piece from a vintage, a yard sale or a Goodwill store. Flair that with some funky and cool jewelry, artsy nail polish color and voila – people are talking about you. For example:

Photo Credit: Fee King

Photo Credit: Fee King

Fortunately, I have a sister who is a bona fide DIY Fashionista, who I can occasionally talk into sending me some of her one of a kind designs. I pair her High Fashion DIY with something I picked up on one of my traveling excursions and it works. The key is to find what works for you. While I don’t see myself as a Fashionista, as of late, I’ve been getting compliments on a daily basis, just because I put it together in a way that compliments my personality.

So, know who you are. Know what colors, patterns and cuts look good on your body, and Work it while you Rock it! Don’t worry about how much money you did or didn’t spend on your pieces or the name on the label. If it looks good and looks good on you – it’s Fabulous and so are you.

Photo Credit: Fee King

Photo Credit: Fee King


















If you are inspired by Fashion Series and by the designs above. Well, be inspired to create and be innovative. If you are have a little difficulty creating or executing your design on that specific fabric material. No worries!!!

The Fashion Series have the answer for you. Check out one of our favorite DIY Go-To- Girl: Nikki, at She’s the new McCall Patterns Licensed Designer. I hope these tips have you excited for Fall Fashion. I know I am! Stay tuned for more Fashion News and Styling Tips on “The Chronic Addiction to Fashion Series.”

Coco Chanel once said “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” But to be different “It is always better to be slightly underdressed.” What will you be. Since you have decided what you will be. Share with us some of your DIY outfits #OOTD or statement pieces look by tweeting us at or #hashtag (#TheSocialNubian) on Instagram

Author: Fee King is a Lifestyle Blogger with a passion for DIY, Fitness, Traveling, and much more. To find out more about Fee. You can check her out at Do not forget to visit us again for Fashion/Style Maven news report.

See You Soon, xox.

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