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This post contains sponsored links from Groupon Coupon. All opinions are mine.

Fashion is just another accessory for someone with great style. Kelly Osbourne once said: When shopping in a curvy girl’s world. “You should dress how you feel and love what you wear because at the end of the day you have got to wear and feel great in it.” In order to do so you are always looking for that it factor: high quality material, you feel and look sexy, is it affordable, & much more.

Most plus-size lines tends to be expensive just for two (2) pieces of clothing. However, no need to stress because your girl the Style Maven “The Social Nubian” have some helpful tips for you, in another edition of A Chronic Addiction for Fashion.

I love saving money and I am sure you do! I have always been a fan of Groupon Coupons, but for traveling.

Groupon have opened my eyes and now you can call me an Extreme Groupon Coupon user to fashionable items.  Some people may not like shopping online, but “Forever 21” does accept returns from in-store & online purchase with 30-45 days of purchase with receipts.

If you’re planning a trip to Barbados for Crop-Over Carnival (for this July to August). You will need that IT look from day to night #LOTD; then Forever 21+ is the place to be.

A daytime ensemble you might want to get “the Floral Shift Dress” (Photo credit: forever 21+ site):

Floral Shift Dress

To some fun on the beach or a foam party in a Cutout One-Piece swim wear (Click link to view): Cutout One-Piece swim wear

You will look great doing so. Click on hashtag link for these above Outfit of The Day to get 10% to 70% off #OOTD

Saving money helps; especially when you’re a single woman or a single parents on a tight budget for the year or you’re living check to check. Get your next discount to explore the world in great clothes when using Groupon Coupons. FYI: Make sure to visit the store you’re interested in for their site PROMO CODE.

Here are some plus size brands that you can find great deals on with the help of Groupon Coupons:

  1. Gap
  2. MACY’S
  4. Bloomingdale’s
  5. Charlotte Russe
  6. H & M (FYI: only online purchase for plus size designs. H&M no longer offer plus size in-store)
  7. Lane Bryant

If you can’t make it to Barbados for Carnival this year. I have just the place for you to travel (with or without your children).  Here are a few deals with Airfare included to : Montego Bay, Jamaica (Hotel, Air, Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner, & a $400 resort credit) OR a 5 days getaway romantic trip to Paris (starting at $899). All-Inclusive Vacation at 4-Star Resort in Jamaica

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Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own (#ad #sponsored #GrouponCoupons)



  • Leslie
    May 25, 2016

    I love H&M, Macy’s, & Groupon. They’ve got such great deals, it’s hard not to. I love saving money too so I’m checking Groupon every other day.

    • Social Nubian
      May 25, 2016

      I hope you were able to checkout Forever21 deal thru my #OOTD link which will help you save 15% to 70% off on your purchase. Please share your photo of the dress or outfit you purchase thru Instagram with the hashtag #TheSocialNubian. So you can be featured. Thanks for visiting The Social Nubian site. See on the next edition of A Chronic Addiction for Fashion.

  • Carol Bryant
    May 25, 2016

    I have used groupon coupons. They are a lot of fun and great savings, too.

    • Social Nubian
      May 25, 2016

      It is a great resource Carol to saving money when it comes to everyday life.

  • Nikita (Njkinny)
    May 25, 2016

    I, too, love saving money and feel discount coupons are great. I usually use coupon sites to browse and save bucks when buying stuff. 🙂
    Will have to checkout Groupon. Thanks for sharing!

    • Social Nubian
      May 25, 2016

      You are welcome. Please share your photo of the dress or outfit you purchase thru Instagram with the hashtag #TheSocialNubian.

  • andrea
    May 25, 2016

    First off I love your logo! And the dress is gorgeous not a huge fan of mustard colored anything but that dress I could wear:)

    • Social Nubian
      May 25, 2016

      The mustard dress gives a pop of sunkiss color and it looks great on all shapes and sizes. The color is great for the summer.

  • Lea
    May 26, 2016

    I absolutely love Groupon! Didn’t realize they had coupons OR that my online purchases can be returned in-store! Great post. Thanks for this!!

  • Suzanne Rudge
    May 27, 2016

    I have never used Groupon before, but have often thought about it. I even get the emails, LOL. I am nervous about buying clothes on line though, but if a place has a great return/exchange policy then it is worth looking into.

  • Emilee
    May 28, 2016

    I love Groupon but didn’t realize they feature so much fashion! I will have to check it out!

  • Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren
    May 28, 2016

    I don’t love H&M as much as I used to. I think the quality is better over in Europe! I love Target though 🙂

  • Rada (journous)
    May 29, 2016

    I love that there are so many options for Groupon from all these brands. I definitely don’t like to shop online for clothing, but that’s a great tip that returns can be made in store even for online purchases.

  • Lalia Frolick
    May 30, 2016

    I’ve never heard that Kelly Osbourne quote before, but it’s definitely a good one! I’ve definitely learned over the years that I should only buy clothes I LOVE, because I don’t wear the ones that I think are “okay,” even if they were on sale!

    • Social Nubian
      June 29, 2016

      A okay top or blouse can be the WOW factor to an amazing look for that day, but it all depends on how you dress it up with a good statement necklaces

  • Jacqui Odell
    June 1, 2016

    I always have a hard time finding clothes that I like that are with in my budget.

  • Daniel Madison
    June 1, 2016

    Cutout One-Piece swim wear is awesome! Just got one for my gf is she is super happy with it.

    • Social Nubian
      June 29, 2016

      Hello, Daniel. I am happy to hear that the girlfriend loved her Cut Out One-Piece swimwear. Is this look for a summer vacation

  • Susan Mary Malone
    June 1, 2016

    Everybody keeps telling me to use Groupon! And you just convinced me 🙂

    • Social Nubian
      June 29, 2016

      Yeah, Susan. Enjoy shopping and don’t forget to come back to find out about the next shopping guide to A Chronic Addiction for Fashion

  • Joie Betterly
    June 1, 2016

    Great tips and ideas. I wear plus sizes and live in a resort area so I always try to look nice when I step out. It’s hard to find nice clothes at fair prices and I will definitely look to Groupon on for a little help.

    • Social Nubian
      June 29, 2016

      You’re Welcome, Joie & Thank You. Have fun shopping & don’t forget to come back for another shopping guide to A Chronic Addiction for Fashion.

  • Jovanhanna
    June 1, 2016

    Groupon is a great way to save on so many things! Shopping and saving combined is a definite win.

  • Jennifer Corter
    June 2, 2016

    I love that yellow dress! It is totally beautiful and perfect for summer!

  • Leah Schulz
    June 2, 2016

    That yellow lace dress is gorgeous and so flattering. Love it. Great pick.


    • Social Nubian
      June 29, 2016

      It looks great on all skin tones and body size. This look can be dressed down or not for any occasion such as Girls Night Out or Date Night with Bae. Enjoy Shopping!!! Leah.

  • Vanessa
    June 2, 2016

    Super cute dress!! I didn’t realize groupon had coupons for clothing! How did I miss that?? I’ll check it out!

  • Johnnielynn
    June 2, 2016

    I love that you listed tons of stores with groupon deals.. I am in desperate need of new clothes…lol

  • Valerie Hansen
    June 2, 2016

    I have not delved into groupon yet, I hear it is great…so I soo need to get in there an look around.! Love your post…lovely!


  • Elisabeth
    June 2, 2016

    OOO I love Groupon!! Love your sense of fashion and totally want to go to Barbados one day!!


    • Social Nubian
      June 29, 2016

      Enjoy Shopping!!! You will love the island of Barbados and its very affordable during this time of year.

  • Dooshima Williams
    June 3, 2016

    Although not for me, this was great advice for the curvy girls out there. And that dress and swimwear you picked out would look amazing on my friend <3

    • Social Nubian
      June 29, 2016

      Although, I provided plus size line such as Forever 21+. Please note that the discount code can be used for a non Forever 21+ customer (in-store & online), Dooshima.
      Enjoy shopping!!!

  • Valerie Robinson
    June 5, 2016

    The 2 combined instantly makes me think of ways to save money. Groupon is perfect for both travel and fashion!

  • Dasha
    June 6, 2016

    If it isn’t on sale I don’t buy it and that goes for everything so thanks for the tips!


  • Montecristo Travels (Sonja)
    June 6, 2016

    I have found that I am a big fan of window shopping at Nordstrom these days. But in the end I always go back to those brands that seem to have women with boobs and ass in mind. HA! I am a size 6-8 but most brands seem to think that you can’t go above a B cup if that is your waist size. UGH!! Sadly I have yet to see a groupon for the brands I like. But I will keep looking!

    I also travel with my little 3.5 pound dog (thats’ our thing) … again the discounts are rarely applicable. It kinda sucks!

  • Joie
    June 22, 2016

    Love that yellow dress! I haven’t used Groupon before but will look into it. Saving money is a must in our family.

  • Louisa
    June 22, 2016

    I used Groupon a lot more when I lived in the lower 48. I wished they had more offers in the Fairbanks area. I love a good deal and also check out Groupon to see what offers are available when I’m on a trip.

  • Ginger Marie
    June 24, 2016

    Loving the list of plus size retailers! I love a good company that appreciates my curves. 😉

    • Social Nubian
      June 29, 2016

      Forever 21+ is one of my favorite stores to shop; especially since its a one stop shop in the area of clothes, shoes, makeup, and then you can walk over to the men’s & kids section to shop for the family. Love It!!!

  • Victoria Stacey
    June 27, 2016

    This is great! That yellow dress is gorgeous!

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