Fashion Series: “5 Ways to Create Your Personal Style”

Do you have personal style envy?  As you scroll Instagram you see tons of style mavens with very unique personal style. Meanwhile you can’t manage to organize your closet let alone create a cohesive personal style.  Well, let’s get your creative juices flowing.

5 Ways to Create Your Personal Style

CAPSULE WARDROBE The idea of a capsule wardrobe is nothing new. Susie Faux, Founder of Wardrobe, coined the phrase back in the 1970s and she has since mastered this method of style. In essence, a capsule wardrobe is a minimalist way of styling. By focusing on a few essential articles of clothing (For example: shirts, skirts, coats, pants, a belt or two, and a few pairs of shoes) you can interchange them easily.

Imagine the simplicity of getting dressed in the morning!  It also alleviates some of the pressure of following passing trends. But, a capsule wardrobe need not be boring.  Notice how Joi of InMyJoi achieved a pastel capsule.
collection photo

Other ideas you could use to create a capsule wardrobe type are animal prints, your favorite color, nudes, or black and white.  Tip:  Start off with organizing your closet by color and prints.  Then take stock of how many staple pieces you already own.  You may already have a capsule wardrobe in the makings.


Let’s talk Style Icons, shall we?  These are names which are synonymous with uniqueness and personal style. From the vintage styles of Dorothy Dandridge, Billie Holliday, and Diana Ross to the couture fashion of Rihanna, Solange, and Michelle Obama. While browsing on Pinterest, I stumbled upon an Audrey Hepburn Capsule Wardrobe ( Talk about a Style Icon! However, emulating a style icon does have its pros and cons:


  • It’s been tested and approved.
  • As another form of a capsule wardrobe, its simplicity at its finest.
  • The more vintage the style, the more you will stand out from the crowd.


  • Some may call it “copycat” Fashion.
  • It limits you to a narrow fashion lane.
  • If not executed properly, you could look like a Halloween costume gone wrong.

If you decide that emulating a Style Icon is for you, get ready to be Bold, Fierce and Iconic.


Fashion Designers are known for their signature style. It’s the cohesiveness of their designs that’s praised during New York and LA’s Fashion Week.  In stores and online, they are easily recognizable.

Just think of Coco Chanel’s couture style, tweed fabrics and gold chains.   Or, the wildly, colorful designs by Betsey Johnson.  There’s also Eliza J’s chic and vintage style dresses.  Not to be forgotten is the All-American Calvin Klein denim and sportswear. As you browse stores, pay attention to what appeals to you, taking not of fabrics, style, and cost.

Are you attracted to jersey, cotton, tweed, or blends?  Do you prefer A-line, sheath, or shift dresses? Are you more comfortable in jeans, dresses, jumpsuits or separates?

Which brands consistently meet your needs?: Which are within your budget? Is it only available online or can you find them in department stores and boutiques?  Especially important, do they show love to your size? Find the brand that is everything you’re looking for and there you have your “Brand Mate”.


Maybe you’re the type of person that isn’t that into clothes. Your main attractions are statement necklaces, arm candy, and dangling earrings. Identify your signature statement pieces and stock up like crazy.

For example, if you love animal print, florals or metallic shop for a variety of pieces (jewelry, sunglasses, belts, scarves, etc.).  Then you’re able to accessorize outfits in a variety of ways using your favorite signature pieces.


Are you outgoing, eccentric or laid back and more of an introvert?  Are you flirty?  Preppy? Identify your overall personality and use your clothes as your “voice”.  Mixing prints, color blocking and unique accessories are synonymous with eccentricity.

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie

Pencil skirts, blouses, and sheath dresses are pure sophistication.

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie

Lace, A-line cut, florals. If you’re super girly, you’re likely feeling blushing at just the thought of these.

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie


If you’re a bookworm by nature and more of an introvert, the preppy style may be for you.  It’s signature look is focused on blouses, cardigans, gingham print, and loafers.

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie

If you’re unsure of what your dominant quality might be, ask a few friends. Then do a little exploring to discover styles that compliment your personality.

Now here comes the fun part. It’s time to go shopping!

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie

Photo Credit: LaQuita Davis, by The Style Spoonie


Just in time to revamp your closet for Fall and what you will see on the runway of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. Stay tuned for more Fashion Forward & Style Tips on new “The Chronic Addiction of Fashion” Series.

Author: LaQuita is Fashion Blogger who’s a Fashion Maven. To find out more about LaQuita visit her blog at The Style Spoonie. Don’t forget to visit us again.

See You Soon, xox

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