Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and even still), you know that this summer has been a scorcher!  Here in Florida, not only do we have to worry about the heat, but the humidity is an added bonus!  Thank goodness for natural hair!  To keep cool, it is only right that we wear outfits that can withstand this summer heat!  I recently took a trip to Puerto Rico and honey it is just as hot there as it is in Florida! This particular look was cute and affordable and best of all, it kept me cool!

Crop tops have been trending for a while now and I honestly don’t think they’re going away anytime soon.  They are perfect for all body types when worn correctly, they’re versatile and can go with just about anything, and of course, they are sure to keep you cool during the summer months!

Photo Credit: High Heels & Good Meals

Photo Credit: High Heels & Good Meal

The thing I’ve grown to really love about shorts is that there is virtually no limit to their effectiveness in a spring and summer wardrobe! They come in so many colors, styles, prints, and lengths that you can never go wrong incorporating them into any look!

Take my shorts for example, besides the amazing print, it’s the details that did it for me!  I absolutely love the tassels in the front and the drawstrings on the side!

Photo Credit: High Heels & Good Meals

Photo Credit: High Heels & Good Meals

Pairing the cream crop top with the cream and black shorts was a win for combating the summer heat waves!  Of course you can never go wrong with a pair of strappy sandals!  Add a few accessories and you’ll be good to go with a cute and affordable look that will survive this summer heat!

Photo Credit: High Heels & Good Meals

Photo Credit: High Heels & Good Meals

Each look can be obtained at (See Below):

Sheer Crop Top: from Forever 21 (Here)

Shorts: from Marshalls (Similar )

Heels: from ShoeDazzle (Similar)

Thanks so much for reading!  Stay tuned for more Fashion Forward & Style Tips on “The Chronic Addiction of Fashion” Series.

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