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Here it is Monday the 14TH day in the New Year and I am enjoying my Christmas break. The weather is cold and rainy making it a perfect day to write and binge watch TV. I have been off work for over a week and have truly enjoyed myself. My house is clean and the laundry that was once piled on the infamous clothes chair have been folded and put away. I decide to watch Entourage and pour a glass of wine.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, it aired on HBO several years ago and is about four (4) friends with one of the main characters finding success in the film industry. The show was on eight seasons and consisted of great writing, acting, and several twists and turns making the viewer anticipating the next show. A comedy drama about friendship and loyalty. Despite their ups and downs, failed relationships, career success and mishaps, and even when they hit rock bottom loosing everything the one thing that stayed constant was their loyalty to each other. Their friendship never waivered. While watching, I could not help but think of three (3) of my closest friends and our friendship.

Since I moved back to Dallas from North Carolina, I reconnected with three friends from high school. Amazing how true friendships can span over the years despite not having talked to each other daily. However, since I have been back we speak daily now in our group chat and we get together at least once or twice a month. Like in the show, we have been there for each other during life events such as celebrating our kids’ accomplishments, career successes, relationships ups and downs, and most importantly we are always there to help drive and motivate each other on discovering our purpose in life. Like with any relationship we do not always agree on certain things and we have had moments when we were upset or angry, but one thing has remained the same we are loyal to one another. There is a strong feeling of support or allegiance that we share. Whatever we can do to support or be there for the other, we do it. Whether it is simply listening to each other as we vent, attending an event that we are passionate about, or watching our kids’ last minute we are there for each other.

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In our society, I think that it is challenging to find people that truly have your best interest at heart and are loyal to you. People are so quick to move on despite having known them for years. Kendrick Lamar said it best in his song, “Loyalty”. He says,” You actin’ shifty, you don’t ride with me no more” such a true and honest statement. Times get hard and people either cannot or simply do not want to deal with challenges in friendships and it is easier for them to leave. I have learned that people choose who or what they are loyal to and if it is not you that’s ok.

As the year progress, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who are your true friends and are you loyal to each other?
  2. Do they support you and your endeavors?
  3. Are you surrounding yourself with people that align with your purpose in life?
  4. Will they face life’s challenges with you or be quick to leave?
  5. Are your friends’ entourage who are inconsistent or are people who are true and loyal?

Make it a great year! #BESEENIN19

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  • Amber
    January 14, 2019

    All facts!! Loyalty over everything is my new motto! Thanks for this post and over 30 years of loyalty to me 🙂

  • Brittany Williams
    January 15, 2019

    Sooooo true!! Having real friendships is so important and being able to differentiate who is aunthetic and who isn’t!

  • Dikeesha
    January 15, 2019

    True friends are invaluable! My small group of friends meet a resounding yes, to the five questions you posed…hence why they are my friends!

  • Delux Designs (DE), LLC
    January 16, 2019

    I feel my circle of friends are loyal and true to our friendship. Between everyone I’m close with our friendships are between 10-15 years so I know them pretty well. I”m hoping they keep going and we continue to hold each other down, with more vacations this year towards bonding. Great post!

  • shay
    January 18, 2019

    I have always struggled with finding people who I can trust and confide in. I keep my circle real small and even then it’s hard for me to trust…

    • Social Nubian
      January 19, 2019

      It is interesting that as kids we all have five million friends. Util we get older and have a better view on life and the people in it. Growth!!!

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