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With all the hustle and bustle in today’s world sometimes we as people tend to put our health on the back burner. This can include exercising regularly, eating right, taking vitamins, and other things that contribute to our bodies. For me as a former athlete after college and getting into the real world (i.e.: career, work, and life as a whole as an adult).

Food SeriesBeing young and carefree. I figured I would be young forever and I would have several years before I would need to take my health seriously. It wasn’t until my 30th birthday when I heard an associate of mine died from a heart attack at 35!!!! It really freaked out as I always thought I was young and heart attacks, strokes, and other major health issues happened to people over 50. This couldn’t have been further from the truth and definitely an eye opener. To know and see someone die at such an early age was devastating. It really stayed on my mind for several months.


That’s when I decided I needed to put my health as a priority and not my career and other things cause its means nothing if you’re not here. So I begin to see several specialists to get a clear picture of my health. I saw an Endocrinologists, my Primary Care Physician (PCP), a Cardiovascular, and a Chiropractor. I was amazed at the results of low vitamin D, Low T, and Low Iron.

Once I had a snapshot of my health (NO MAJOR OR MODERATE ISSUES) I was able to put together a plan. I hired a personal trainer and begin to see him twice a week and then upped it to 3 times a week. I lost 50lbs in 4 months and completely overhauled my diet. I also begin adding cardio by doing about 45 minutes of elliptical training if I was indoors or 3-5 miles of walking if I was out.

Food Series

My H1C and cholesterol were in perfect range. Although, it wasn’t high it was borderline at my first checkup. My Vitamin D range was regulated after I started taking tablets and getting more sun exposure and I started to feel much better.

This has reignited my passion for cooking as I started cooking again and making healthy meals. My life has changed quite drastically as I don’t mind moving and working when it allows and not worry about breathing heavy (just by doing the simple day-to-day activity) or sweating as my body has adjusted to the change.

Recently, I got my mother and brother into the same plan and my brother has dropped over 30lbs in 5 months and does about 6 miles a day on top of working out.

Food SeriesThis is an indicator to make your health apart of your everyday life. We depend too much on waking up and just going and grabbing something from the fast food line. We fail to realize that our bodies is not built to consume processed food with lots of chemicals.  If we can turn back the hands of time when our parents provided us access to healthier food group such as when we were babies to grade 6 (before having access to fast food at each cross of your home, a Junior High School or an High School. We would be healthier with a low obesity rate amount children.

Every day for about 5 years or more I would work my 8 – 10 hours at work come home eat and watch TV until I went to sleep. I was not productive after I worked all day. Once I got out of that bad habit it morphed into a profitable business. I now work my hours at my job come home fill my orders from my amazon and eBay stores, workout, then research my investment strategies.  Since doing this I made over $25,000 in extra income last year as well as continued to lose weight and feel great. It’s all about changing your mindset and making it a habit.

Don’t look at it as a diet. Look at it as a lifestyle change. Make it part of your lifestyle.

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  • Александра
    October 5, 2016

    It relieves stress and gives you time to think this leads to better mental well-being in your life overall.

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