See You Later Summer 16’

Are you having a hard time knowing that our Summer is officially about to end?  I’m not ready to put down the distressed shorts, swimsuits, and sandals. Since our dear friend Fall is coming, is there anything on your to do list that is a must before the season ends? I have suggested three things that you can do to make it a memorable one!  I cherish memories because I love to reminisce about the good times.

Photo Credit: Mona_Lisa_X3

Photo Credit: Mona_Lisa_X3

Go to the beach!  The beach is refreshing, relaxing, and therapeutic.  The sound of the waves soothes my soul and the view is beautiful. If I had it my way I would stay all day and all night.  Pack your favorite snacks and drinks in a cooler, grab a few friends, and jump onto the nearest highway.  I have been traditionally going to Clearwater Beach whenever I get a chance. Sometimes I opt to go to South Beach in Miami.  It all depends on if I am looking for a serene atmosphere or the hustle and bustle of Miami beach life.  If you have never been I encourage you to go, see what it’s all about!

If you are not in close distance to a beach check out a state park that includes a natural springs or a lake.  We have a chance to experience Mother Nature first hand. It is one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. The water is freezing cold but on a hot day taking a few dips will satisfy your aquatic needs. If you’re not up for getting in you can gaze at the waterfall and let the breeze and mist quench your skin.  Try canoeing for the first time and sight see along the lake. I’ve always wanted to go tubing on the lake for a couple of hours with friends. We can talk, laugh, and let time do its own thing without rushing it by.  I desperately want to hit up Lake Lanier before it gets too chilly!


Photo Credit: Mona_Lisa_X3


Festivals! Who doesn’t love a good ol’ festival? Raises your hands & say I do! This is the ultimate way to jam out to music, network with others, and enjoy what the vendors are offering.  My motto this summer was to go without having any expectations and just immerse yourself in what’s going on around you. A few months back I found an Arab festival that I came upon on accident. My first reaction was to leave but the curious kid inside of me wanted to learn about another culture.

Since the opportunity presented itself I parked my car and walked on over to mix and mingle with everyone. I learned about henna, tried the food, and watched them dance to the rhythmic music.  My favorite memory was walking thru the bazaar and being astonished by all the colorful fabrics and jewels. I learned that we can’t be afraid to be open to other people who don’t look like us. I left with a wealth of knowledge and appreciation that day.

Summer to me is like being set free like a child running in an open field.  There are so many activities to choose from to get away from our busy lives for a moment.

We all need a breath of fresh air to revive us for a little while longer.  If you aren’t able to do any of the things I listed above a few suggestions of local event in the area that you live. Such as going to the Botanical Gardens, a themed day party, new art exhibit, or your own creation.  So long summer it’s not goodbye, but see you later!

Happy Labor Day. Just because it’s getting cooler around here, doesn’t mean we are done with having fun. Take part in local events in your community while the weather is still nice. Thank you for visit us at The Social Nubian “TSN.”

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See Your Soon, xox

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