So You Want See The World?

Try traveling solo. As a Black-American woman from the Midwest, raised by a single mother, I was constantly told what I could not and should not do and be.

The day I got my wings and my vote of confidence, is the day I shared with my other, at the young age of 16, that I wanted to move back to Omaha, Ne, from Denver, Co, after graduating High School. My mother looked me square in my eye and said, “Fylicia – you are my strongest child. “You can do anything you put your mind to.”  And I believed her.

I didn’t know what I wanted to see; however, I knew that there was a vast world out there and I wanted to see what it looked like, what it smelled like and what it felt like.

What if you don’t have a mother, like I did, who instilled in you that you can Be… Do and Have all that your heart desires, then you fake it till you make it.  You affirm to yourself daily who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go and WHY!   You surround yourself with those who have traveled to the places that you desire to travel to.  It all begins with a desire and then a passport.


Photo credit: Fee King (Solo Traveler)

Most of my travels have been as a single woman. I traveled recently, 2016, to Atenas, Costa Rica. I traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2014, for three weeks; alone.  I traveled to London, England, in 2013; alone.  I traveled to Amsterdam to meet up with a new friend and had one of the most magical times of my life; alone. I flew from England to Amsterdam, having never seen this part of the World. I landed and took a train to the train station, to then take a local tram to the designated stop that my friend had instructed me to get off on. I had no idea that The Dutch spoke Dutch and that their street signs would be in DUTCH!

Photo Credit: Fee King

Photo Credit: Fee King

I was let out on a well light street; which then veered off onto a very dimly lit street. I had no way of contacting my friend; as it didn’t dawn on me to get International phone service. I leapt on a wing and a prayer in hopes that my WhatsApp app would work. However, there were no stores or coffee shops opened at 9:0pm; therefore, there was no Wi-Fi. I began to walk up and down this very dark street until I happened upon one restaurant; which was technically closed.

The owners were just about to sit down to what appeared to be a family style dinner. I must’ve had the most pitiful and lost look on my face.  They barely spoke English and of course my Dutch was rusty. Basically, I didn’t know any Dutch. I showed them my Facebook message from my friend; which articulated the name of the Hotel. This nice family pointed me in the opposite direction and said the Hotel I was looking for was less than 100 kilometers away.

Traveling solo is where the good stuff can and will happen if we open ourselves up to it. Traveling solo is where you feel free to walk into a restaurant, coffee house, bar, a pub, a night club, a festival or a movie theater; with the expectation that you will connect with the locals and others who are also traveling solo or otherwise. Although you travel alone; you are rarely ever alone.  Traveling solo is where deep connections are made. People sense that you must be somewhat confidant and courageous if you have traveled solo. And they’re right!

Exploring each country with an adventure everyday

Photo Credit: Fee King

Fee’s Five First Time Traveling Solo Tips are:

  • Solicit the professional advice of a travel agent with regards to excursions, tours, safe and budget friendly places to stay. Also. The most important, is to already have your transportation to and from the airport arranged. This is something I have rarely done in the past; however, I strongly recommend it.


  • Do stay in an Airbnb facility. It’s an amazing experience. If you’re a little gun shy – rent a room in an Airbnb host’s home. This way, you get a built in tour guide and often times, breakfast.


  • Throw your To-Do list and/or itinerary to the wind. Wing it, let go and have fun.


  • Take some time to learn about the culture and the Country you are visiting. The French appreciate you at least attempting to speak French VS not.


  • Pack light. Don’t over think what you’re going to wear every single day.  After all, you’re on vacation.  Fewer bags, means less money you pay to the airlines.

Bonus Tip #6:

Get International phone service on your cell or purchase an international cell phone that provides services to the country you are traveling to. You can order these off of OR be sure to download – WhatsApp!!

It’s a vast world out there, where people are itching to meet you. They want to connect with you. We live in the finest Country in the World; so why not expose her beauty, wisdom, intellect, creativity for the World to see.


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  • val
    August 9, 2016

    Excellent. I am loving all of the African-American travel bloggers. I am definitely ready to do some serious international traveling.

    • Social Nubian
      August 9, 2016



      Where are you planning to go. We would love to hear your travel story.

  • Jai
    August 10, 2016

    I love traveling alone. I can do what I want. I don’t have to wait on anybody. #‎BLMGirl‬

  • Danielle wilson
    August 22, 2016

    Great article. Shared to Pinterest! 🙂

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