LuLu*s Style Studio at New York Fashion Week 2014

We braved the 23 degree cold (made worse by the wind chill coming from the Hudson River), but this event was well worth coming out for on February 8th! Compared to other event organizers, Lulu’s Style Studio has set the bar high. Calling this a night of fashion and fun would be putting it mildly. This is how it’s supposed to be done! It was amazing, structured and well organized to a tee.

Each guest was welcomed with a free Hqnotiq drink (in a cute, festive cup), snacks from Godiva, and tons of beauty and fashion giveaways. The room was transformed into pure fashion and elegance. The air was filled with the scents of Lush Cosmetics, Shea Moisture, One Love Organics, and more. There was even a Style Map to help you find your look. Can you say astounding?!

LuLu provided her guest with generous organic beauty items, including PRITI all vegan natural nail products and One Love Organics plant-based products. The One Love Organics staff members were well informed about the company they work for, especially regarding the ingredients and uses for the products. Their representative educated me about the “Gardenia Daily Body Serum” line.

Among many of the products by One Love Organics, I do not believe I would purchase any of the products. It does not appear to be cost effective from the ounces being 0.5 to 32 oz and from the prices ranging from $4.95 to 159.00. Just doesn’t seem affordable.

For more details on One Love Organics, click on the link:

This event was full of fun and high energy from the time you walked in. I can’t wait to find out what LuLu has planned for 2015 event. Check out the fun I had, click on the links:


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