Tiffany Brown Designs at New York Fashion Week 2014

I want to set the scene for those of you that have never had the experience of attending New York Fashion Week (NYFW). Designers have a vision of what their collection for the upcoming year will look like. The vision can sometimes be futuristic, transporting the audience to another place, like a Tim Burton movie. When it’s done right, I simply call it mind-blowing creativity. This was definitely not one of those experiences.

I had the opportunity to attend the Tiffany Brown fashion show on February 8th to view her collection for Winter 2015. Among the guests were: Tashera Simmons (celebrity mom, author, and ex-wife of DMX), Candice “Ms. Drama” Williams (from VH1 The Gossip Game), Alexandra Dilworth (from Bravo’s The New Atlanta), and (VH1’s Chicago Mob Wives) Pia Rizza, just to name a few.

The show started late, common for NYFW. There was no introduction by a host or speaker. It just started. I felt lost and a bit puzzled. The designer presented the audience with adult dresses, coats, skirts, and what I believe to be lingerie towards the end of the show. There were also children’s skirts and dresses.

I wasn’t transported by the collection, and I couldn’t understand the story she was telling with her pieces. To add insult to injury, the collection was poorly designed and ill-fitted. I felt as if I was viewing the creations of my 5 year old niece, sewn with her Hello Kitty sewing machine. It was like watching a beginner designer from F.I.T. expressing all their thoughts, feelings, and life lessons, all at once.

There were a few brown coats that are commonly known as the “Little Red Riding Hood” coats, but better known as fashion trend coats. I’m not stimulated by coats that can be found in Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. When I see coats like this I have to ask myself (as a consumer), “What is different about this coat? What sets it apart from other designers that you can purchase at discount stores?”

There was one outfit, among many, that was questionable. It was a white, long-sleeved shirt (something you can find in your boyfriend’s closet) with a black belt tied around the model’s waist. It’s an everyday summer outfit for many girls in the city of New York and elsewhere. It was not runway ready for a fashionista, buyer, or even your average fashionable consumer. The overall look was Fredrick’s of Hollywood meets thrift store.

On a positive note, the highlight of the show was the young girls that modeled. They reminded me of a young Kimora Lee Simmons or Naomi Campbell. They presented themselves with lots of energy and high fashion attitude. These four young girls have a bright future in modeling.

For more behind the scenes from the Tiffany Brown Design 2015 Collection, click on the links:


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